20 Years of EU Membership – Cyprus
20 Years of EU Membership – Cyprus
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Welcome to Europe Direct Ledra Palace Area

Europe Direct Ledra Palace Area is a part of the pan-European network which numbers more than 400 centres in 28 EU member states and is under the auspices of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus. It is managed by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) and it is housed at the Home for Cooperation, in the Ledra Palace UN Buffer Zone area. The overall aim of the Centre is to inform EU citizens across the island about their rights within the Union and the opportunities available to them. With its unique location, the Centre works inter-communally to raise awareness on the benefits of EU citizenship, and to promote EU values and principles.

What is Europe Direct?

EUROPE DIRECT centres help bring the European Union closer to people on the ground and help facilitate their participation in debates on the future of the EU. The centres answer questions about EU policies, programmes and priorities. Staff in the centres are ready to proactively engage with citizens and stakeholders so that they feel more involved in the European project.

Kindly note that unfortunately, we cannot file or forward complaints, comment on specific EU policies or positions, or offer legal advice / interpret EU legislation.

For more information on Europe Direct, please click here.